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hi, i’m

I surprise people. At just 5’1”, I come in a small package but I bring a lot to the table. I like to challenge myself and push my limits. I thrive when I am exploring the unknown. I seek new experiences and am always excited to learn. I have been immersed in unique and exciting cultures in over 20 countries on five different continents. My travels have taught me the importance of appreciating diverse perspectives, lifestyles, and values.

I connect people. I know someone who knows someone, who knows someone, for almost everything. I genuinely want to get to know each person I meet and figure out what makes them tick. I enjoy working with different kinds of people and believe collaboration is key to creating quality work.  I welcome feedback and view it as valuable tool for growth.

I’m a doer.

 I am constantly involved in activities and events in my community. My calendar is filled with reminders for volunteering, yoga, friend gatherings, work, and random interests (like attending the Internet Cat Video Film Festival or running around the lakes). My day is not complete until I have done something that I am proud of.


Account Manager

Wingnut Advertising

As an Account Manager for a full-service advertising agency, I initiate, build and maintain working relationships with several diverse clients. A huge part of my job is learning my clients’ businesses, including their goals, products, markets, industries, distribution, etc. I develop creative briefs to inform the creative process and ensure my agency’s work aligns with the strategy and is on brand. I am a social and collaborative person that is comfortable taking and giving direction. I am confident with making decisions and have a reputation for moving projects forward.

Brand Manager

Yoga Sol

When I first became an instructor at Yoga Sol in 2012, I saw an opportunity to better define “The Yoga Sol Experience”: what we do, how we do it and why we do it (values, vision, mission). Since then, I have collaborated with the owners to harness and manage the brand identity. I ensure all communication and marketing materials maintain a consistent look and tone so that consumers and teachers understand our values, core truths and are inspired to take action. In addition to branding and marketing, I work hand-in-hand with the owners to improve overall business operations, attract new studio members and increase revenue.

Community Organizer

Center for Energy and Environment

I developed and coordinated Bicycling Counts, an interactive public art project that demonstrated the environmental, financial and health benefits of cycling in Minneapolis. I facilitated all communication between the project’s artist and funding partner. I also strategized the site plan, successful marketing plan, community tie-ins, obtained all mandatory permits and cultivated new partnerships with over a dozen organizations and businesses including the Minnesota Twins and the City of Minneapolis.

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